Artist of the Day - Azuma Makoto

Photography: Gui Martinez

read the interesting interview here
website of the store
blog of the florist

Back to East

yes I am excited to be in the centre of attention where all the magic happens


Candice Swanepoel in Self magazine

not a fan of this extra sweet chic
but boy!.. she really knows how to pose!

model: candice swanepoel
photographer: sebastian kim
stylist: melissa ventosa martin
hair: dennis devoy
make-up: kristi matamoros

Coincidence #4

I know this song and this band for a while
but only when now when I am in Japan I found this video


Sneezing Baby Panda

I felt in love with pandas once again <3

Ben Howard - Small Things

Oh my mind
I walk down Mayflower Road again
the waning sun
echoes from the park seem so absurd
the bus takes hours
I knew it would but I cant shake the stand
can't spend my time on everybody else

If buildings fell
At least we'd be in matrimony
I can't control
The words kaleidoscope inside my head

Has the world gone mad
Or is it me?
All these small things
They gather round me
gather round me
Is it all so very bad
I can’t see
Oh all these small things
They gather round me
Gather round me
and I can't see

Saw The Police
screaming something trivial like
'keep the peace'
the world moves on and you can't shake the sound
I know she's home
leaning on somebody loving life
all in my mind the anvil and the weight on my back

I can't see my love


Good-bey, Future commercial by LifeCard

Calvn Klein Fall 2015 NYFW

all leather outfits came sometimes be to edgy 
add some balance by matching your look with a white piece
also don't forget texture game (most often based on contrasts - smooth and rough in this case)

Lost In Time in Vogue (Australia)

I need this dream now!
to get away to the nature

models: teresa palmer and phoebe tonkin
photographer: will davidson
stylist: christine centenera
hair: sophie roberts
make-up: kellie stratton
manicure: zoe vokis

J.W. Anderson Fall 2015 LFW

waves, raves and wind in Revs Magazine!

model: frederikke sofie (2pm)
photographer: lasse wind
stylist: mathilde storm
hair: josephine mai (uniquecreatives)
make-up: mette schou