My lovely new watch. I love that it's white, have a silicone strap and lovely arrows ^.^

The Cure for Greed

5ml crimp-sealed serum vial containing one dose of stabilized pure dollar ink mechanically and chemically recovered from approximately $10,000 in US currency.

Rock Star

Models: Agata Rudko, Isabelle Nicolay and Deimante Misiunaite
Photographer: Jason Kibbler
Stylist: Heathermary Jackson
Hair: James Pecis
Make-up: Pat McGrath
Manicure: Jin Soon Choi
Glamour Spain 2012


Car-Free Day

 Louise Vuitton bikes
 Chanel sneakers
Lovely bike keeper design

 Sexy guys choose bike !

International Peace Day

 Comfortable peace
 Independent peace
 Peace among nations
 Peace in realigion views
Gregory Colbert
Peace in love
United colors of people