my boo

Boy you should know that
I've got you on my mind
Your secret admirer
I've been watching you

At night i think of you
I want to be your lady baby
If your game is on give me a call boo
If your love is strong, i gotta give my all to you

Everyday I pray my heart can win
Every night I pray I can call you my man
Yeah yeah yeah
I need you
I want you

To have you, hold you, squeeze you
So I'm going out every weekend
Just to see my boo again
I want to be your leading lady
These feelings I have for you

Can go deeper if you can come
Correct with your game boy (no, no, no)
No you can't be lame boy
But if you can please me
Then my love will come easy
I'll do anything you want
I'm thinking of you

Boy you've got all I need
From what I see
And boy every night i am constantly thinking of you


12-year-old gem - Grace VanderWaal

I don't know my name
I don't plah by the rules of the game
So you say I'm just trying 
Just trying...

So I heard you are my sister's friend
You get along quite nicely
You asked me why I cut my hair
And change myself Completely 

I went from bland and popular to
Joining the marching band 
I made the closest friends I ever have
In my lifetime 

I'm lost
Trying to get found
In an ocean people
Please don't asked me any questions 
There won't be a valinswer 
I'll just say...

Twayhat I don't know my name
I don't play by the rules of the game
So you say Im just trying...
Just trying...


They hold on tight
Yeah, they hold on tight
Ooh, they hold on tight
Them lips won’t let me go


Prada 2017 spring

career hikers is the new name for urban warriors

socks are big in Asian fashion scene and couldn't be happier this trend is coming to the West.
I mean really who can resist those ones with bright yellow sandals? <3

sugar face

iconic Prada polyester used in a new ways and colours for pants and sporty windbreakers (sensed the it-item last year wop wop! ;P) and geek chic style vest competing with Gucci by Alessandro Michele

once I met a guy who used to carry his water flask hanged this way to his backpack to school. I though it's mad - he looked as if he went to some sort of tough conditions hike mission in the morning and happened to drop to school by accident

patterns and colour feast

the backpack, the heels, the cowgirl hat and off we go to the office - metropolitan city working women inspired. Get rid of those painful heels, tight dresses and slipping from the shoulder handbags! Trade them to backpacks, sandals and power belts - show the women power

Trend Alert!
mark my word for neck straps


Terre d'Hermes

I just love this campaign. 
Not because it's Hermes (although I have to admit I do adore their adverts style with lots of space and picturesque nature) but more cause of the story and a real feeling and senses I do experience when I am watching at it. The simple yet real story is what is all about. 


Japanesess overloaded

Only Japanese people can be so thoughtful, patient and creative to come up with a perfect houses for hermit crabs <3
Collaborating with scientists and retail agents to improve the lives of those small sea creatures.
and how cute is literally live advertising idea is.

Morning kick off dance

 by Method Design