The Steppenwolf

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My first fotoshoot in local magazine named ,,Laima"
Photographer : Gedmantas Kropis

Tasteful idea

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Free Counters

A sline French bread (bagutte) with piece of brie cheese and one pickled black olive is delicious. Try it with wine or surprise your friends on a Sunday picnic.

Riekelė prancūziškos duonos(pranc. bagutte) su gabalėliu Brie sūrio ir viena marinuota juodąja alyvuoge. Tiks vyno degustavimo vakarėliui arba sekmadienio iškylai gamtoje.


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Best commercial ever !!

_there is hope in this life
_there is fear in these eyes
_I believe we can fly
_trough the hole in the sky

Meeting Eve !

Photographer: Egle A.

I am Ieva (which means Eve in Lithuanian) from Vilnius - the capital of the small eastern Europe country. I'm very interester in art, cooking, commercial and fashion industries. So I'm so happy to work as a model in freetime or have some time to make something delicious for my family :)

And now let's talk about my blog's name. I chose to name my blog ,,Looking for my Eve", because I'm quite still looking for myself and I hope other people will also look for my blog to find out, see or hear something new as well!

So I officialy start my blog ! ;]