cut/chop/dice/mince it


Lane 8 - I Got What You Need


Let me be your answer
Let me be your light
Let me be your fire
Let me be your everything what you want more

Everybody needs someone
I got what you need
I got what you want

You could be the answer
You could be light
You could be my fire
Your could be everything I wanted more



Ben Howard - Black Flies (Scott Nixon remix)

I told you
it's an obsession.

See the sky is no man's land
And no man is an island, oh this I know
But can't you see, oh?
Maybe you were the ocean, when I was just a stone
Comfort came against my will
And every story must grow old
Still I'll be a traveler
And I don't wanna beg your pardon
And I don't wanna ask you why
But if I was to go my own way
Would I have to pass you by?


feelin' alive

feeling so energetic
and excited

feels good
after a few melancholic weeks


only here

cycling back home
listening to Ohia - Coxcomb Red
hearing Japanese cranes in the rice fields
noisy helicopter up in the sky
warm wind blowing from the back

only in Japan
only now
only for a moment


coincidence #5 / alt-J - Nara

I am in freaking Japan, dude! 
still hard to believe...
last weekend visited Nara - one of the ancient capitals of Japan
yesterday I was listening to Alt-J and remembering my days in London all evening
today professor plays one of their song (we have a ritual to start the lecture with a song about Japan)
and then I am like... WHAT?!

how this is possible?
how sometimes things just fall together so right?



Aesop's Fables
exaples of masterpieces which are short, without unnesesary extras, just facts. that's it.

Coffee and cigaretts - short pleasant daily sins
ecspesso coffee - the finest coffee in the world. a few drops of the very best.

espresso coffee - the finest coffee in the world. a few drops of the very best.

all those little thing in life are the best - they make all the big things in our lives

we just to say 'life is short' ; 'live for the moment' ; 'enjoy every second'.
because life is the most precious of what we have got/of what somebody gave to us.

wearing shorts are cool.

short means temporary, not long-lasting.

you have to give all what you got before it's too late.

all good things seems to last for just a moment

when you felt good (or happy, or whatever positive) it seems what this feeling lasted just a few seconds. and it's not enough. you want more. you think it's not fare.
while bad things seems to have no end

stars falling. you have to be fast enough to make a wish because you have only a sec before it's too late.

a good sleep feels like you have just closed your tired eyes and you have to get up again. you haven't felt the last of your sleep. which is good. because when you can't sleep it's tiring, it sucks . your sides hurts, you don't know what to do, were to look, what to think. what the hell you suppose to do?

short hair are easy to take care

short nails are cute

short song don't get you bored

short conversations are the most meaningful

Ben Howard - Old Pine

can't do anything 
listening only to his songs
somehow it always makes sense


We stood
Steady as the stars in the woods


Boss Fall 2015 NYFW

Talented Zach King's Vines


does weightless weight less?

pretending it doesn't weight at all.
knowing it's normal to feel something.
ignoring facts

Alchemy by Steven Meisel For Vogue (Italia)

models: jamie bochert (lions), yuri pleskun (request), joel schumacher, christopher niquet, 
gigi hadid (img), david alexander flinn (lions), kirsten owen (one), rj king (wilhelmina)
edie campbell (dna), issa lish (muse), julia nobis (dna), stella tennant (dna)
benn northover (next), zachary quinto, harry brant, kim peers (next), miles mcmillan, 
agyness deyn (lions), donna mitchell, scott barnhill (major)
crista cober (next), freja beha erichsen (img) and mia goth
photographer: steven meisel (artandcommerce)
stylist: karl templer (streeters)
hair: guido (artandcommerce)
make-up: pat mcgrath (streeters)