gettiing up

why people get up in the mornings? what motivates them to start a day?
don't they usually go to bed thinking that tommorow everything will be different?
I do.

I can't get up today.
Why should I?
I don't find my goals realistic

Donkeyboy - City Boy (Official video)

Underneath my skin lives an eagle
Underneath these clouds there’s an ego
Underneath this, underneath this...


Stylish Surfing

model: marlijn hoek
photographer: lise-anne marsal
stylist: delphine perroy

History Lesson

Does evolution of people still exist?

I quess I'm in my Middle Ages and I feel frustrated when people expect me to be in my 21st century. 
It's hard to be a modern chic if you haven't lived through other historical periods. 
He was playing
I thought he was

I still haven't found out
It's hard not to do what you don't want. Because people expect you to behave like everybody else.
But I want to be different. That's why I don't cheat or play with person's feelings. I feel they like that - they find me interesting because I'm different. But sometimes they aren't able to see me being interested in them. And I wonder why...

I want to be loved like everybody else but I can't pretend I truly love somebody.
I can't say I love till I can say like.

So what should I do?
- be just like others want me to be and mislead myself
- take a risk to be myself - honest to myself as well as others

I like that person but I can't treat him like I know him for ages cause I don't. 
It complicates things.
I feel like he understands me wrong.

CALME BLANC in Vogue (Paris)

model: edita vilkeviciute
photographer: gilles bensimon
stylist: geraldine saglio
hair: franco gobbi
make-up: wendy rowe

ONDE DE CHIC in Elle (France)

model: edita vilkeviciute
photographer: jan welters
stylist: hortense manga
hair: marion anee
make-up: jurgen braun

Wild Belle - Another Girl

I lose sleep, I lose sleep.
Too much I've seen.

Didn't I, didn't I, didn't I, didn't I treat you right?

You keep me waiting by.

I won't get you, even if I tried.

I'm just another one of your experimentation

I'm just another girl, another one.
I'm just another girl, looking for love.
I'm just another girl, just another one.


Gorilla Ad

Iconic Brigitte Bardot

The Plumb-Bronson House - My Dream House

The Dr. Oliver Bronson House was first built as a Federal-style residence for Samuel Plumb in 1812. The house and grounds were reinvented by architect Alexander Jackson Davis into a fully realized Romantic-Picturesque estate for Dr. Bronson and his family in two successive remodeling campaigns dating to 1839 and 1849.It is located in Columbia County, New York, on the grounds of a correctional facility, this historic Hudson River Villa is one of the earliest examples of the Bracketed Style made famous by renowned 19th century architect AJ Davis.

WOI 1B copy

Nicolas Jaar - A time for us



there are 7 billions of people in the world,
3 millions in my country,
half a million in my city
but I fell as lonely as I were the only person in the whole universe

 I wish it could happen to me

sometimes I wonder:

 do I look strange or something?

 modern society

 people passing by


Unofficial World Maps

World Copyright Day

Happy Birthaday, William Shakespeare