Art of Shampoo

remember the days when you were little and used to play with your shampooed hair while mum was wondering why you spend so much time in the bathroom?

Shampooed heads of hair photographed by cheuk lun lo
all images courtesy of Cheuk Lun Lo
It is almost impossible, at first glance, to know the source of the swirling spherical masses pictured in the following series — are they photographs of liquid, bizarre floating orbs, or something else unidentifiable?
perspective and light offer a strange and surreal take on an ordinary human characteristic — hair. cheek pun lo photographs heads from above, allowing for an alternative view of an otherwise standard, hair-washing routine.shampoo saturates the locks in a foamy white lather, letting it be easily moulded and manipulated into a varied array of shapes, sizes and compositions. photographed on a pitch black background, the series — realised as a beauty editorial for Numero magazine (China) — sees hairs capes seemingly hover in mid-air, providing an abstract look at the human body and its artistic possibilities.

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