Alexander Wang 2015 Fall/Winter NYFW

so, this time my love Alexander did have little success.
the show which I was so looking forward to that even got up at 7am to see the live stream from NYFW did not satisfied my expectations (which is a dull thing to think that artist have no down on their creative life)

there is something about this model
maybe magic 

ok, this it everybody-understands-this-kind-of-fashion look
but no innovation seen that so ever
though I really like the surface of the jeans and how they reflect light and that cozy encrusted with metallic studs knit 

also I missed new faces on the runway since Alexander Wang was praised for his eye when selecting new models (famous to-become) for his show
P.S. North West with custom made Alexander Wang on her mother's Kim Kardashian lap, seriously? please don't do that again EVER!

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