Kanye West x Adidas Originals NYFW fall 2015

ok, so here we go. 
no - it's not a good collection.
no - it's not good to say you were inspired by 4years-old political events (do you also by 4-years-old iPhone? it's fashion, babe)
yes - it's Tumblr-dream-like stuff.
I don't know - why Kanye or Adidas would want to do a collaboration together, they both have already occupied the internet.

if it's suppose to be a Adidas collaboration why the hell these shoes looks like Nikies??

oh, my that a figure..

deffinitelly one of the Tumblr girls

not sure about this one
is it association to Kim Kardashian or just an attempt to ''promote'' all-size body beauty

modern Skywalker

<3 this guy

because Kanye couldn't model himself he just decided he will put his clone model instead

'pushavik' is like second skin for Russian boys 

can't avoid family clan if you're with Kardashians
(sorry, Kanye, we thought you knew)

fact - if such people like Kanye presents copycats as new design, nobody asks questions
just deal with it man!

don't freak out - it's the guys behind him fault

is there a word for men boobs?

I bet this one already has 1billion reposts on Tumblr

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