NoMBe - Seminole

When he came around, half asleep, high on tee
He became the ground, too late to see
The most renowned give orders
To burn'em down
Native wife and kids were too slow to live

And just that night, he lost his mind
And he won't rest till fire’s set
On everything, that he can’t have
Till everything is turns to ash

Bonfire, Seminole
(There) goes the love thug
Native hunter, he’s a hustler
And he’s restless
As he makes his round

Bonfire, Seminole
He’s a madman and his heart is
Ever burning
He’s a love thug
When the sun gos down

When he came to town
Oh so blue, indigo, unprepared
The sundance kid
He demanded the finest, of dolls they had
She took him to her room
She even spoke his tongue

But little she knew
He had red head, too
Takes out the match
And a can of gas
Couldn’t be saved by cheap perfume
Nor prepared, for what came next

(This song details the journey of a Seminole Indian. Under the Indian Removal Act passed by Andrew Jackson, many Seminoles were forcibly removed from their homes with little supplies and forewarning. As a result, many tried to flee from the officials, as is the journey of the man in this song.)

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Sad world..