one day of squatting

it was actually a model.
well I wouldn't call it like that
but the fact that it was probably one of the cheapest places to stay for a night is true.
it is a huge building in southern part of the city
the ground floor is a bar/pub with rock concerts taking place almost every day
on the first and second floors there are rentable rooms with kitchen and bathrooms with only hot water showers.
people start to look suspicious to you when you are there and you start to think that maybe you look suspicious to them as well.
very dark almost black skin woman wearing brightly patterned textiles all over her body as well as on her hear which made her white eyeballs pop and scare you every time you accidentally looked to her face, had a piece of pieces of some sort of flesh cut in chunks, mixed, burned and frozen in her bowl and sinked in water ready to be boiled. 
Italian girl who stayed in same room as me cried on phone asking her father to send her some money because she was totally broke. then she went to the common kitchen area and made herself a breakfast from other people's food stored in the kitchen

“I have tipped waiters, and I have been tipped by waiters.” 
― George Orwell, Down and Out in Paris and London
the view from the bathroom on the 3rd floor was nice
you can see the old time of semi-detached houses which were a factory workers type of houses back in the industrial revolution times

back of house

back entrance

lots of oriental foods found in the kitchen since a variety of ethnicities

it was ridiculously cheap comparing with the local property rental prices so most of the people who stay here are poor ones
although they like to treat themselves with a piece of cheese, olives and a glass of wine from time to time

food boxes in the kitchen

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