Ieva Narkute - Raudoni Vakarai

one of my favourite Lithuanian songs
tried to translate it
but of course the original makes much more meaning

In my hand hums bees, water in your the lungs, In my hand morning perish, sad as a soldier's dog. My hands are full of gravel, grinds the snow clouds, Cries, lament my millstones, I gravely on your shoulders. I lie down, you come back, Evenings will be red. The enemy will go away, everything will change, My poor Lithuania , are you afraid? Blizzard came the third time, fell by bees from your hands, Humed, town bell cried, brothers disappeared in the forest. Birches complained to the linden all night, Blood-red inundate our half-empty house. When I lied down, where red evening. Empty road empty cross. My poor Lithuania, are you afraid?

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