Ben Howard - Keiko

Keiko I see you, alive in my dreams.
The outsider amongst us, the plague in between.
Keiko the world is a beautiful thing,
I don’t always adore it but I know what it means to feel love.

Keiko did the good lord tell you what it means,
All of us here, all of us waiting on you.

Did you watch the sun when it came flying over the hillside,
Did you think of home when they buried your old man.

Waiting, waiting, waiting, on, some kind of forest fire.
Waiting, waiting, waiting, on, sun to rise, yeah.
Waiting, waiting, waiting, on, invincible somewhere I know.

Did you watch the violence, come creaping up inside you,
Did you wash the world so clean from your hands.

I remember you and all of your fury, saying it will be fine.
I remember you.

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