British Fashion Awards 2014 : review of the best and worst dressed guests

Hooray to Alexa Chung who was so nice that before going to the BFA she grabbed Chinese take-out for everybody

sweater on the red carpet? only Victoria Beckham can master it

TREND alert:
waisted as fuck
sooo 90s...
no it does NOT look cool or rock n' roll

just to remind you: 
truly British style always works for event which celebrate the genius of British fashion

they say French woman are sooooo stylish...yeah right...

TREND alert: 
coral colour volume dress with a fitted waistline matched with orange lips and hairs pulled back

not a fan of Kendall Jenner but this time she really showed some fashion

TREND alert:
sculptural bright colour skirts sweeping the floor
my favourite was in light pink worn by Natalie Massenet

the best-dressed award from me goes to Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton:
because of matching Nicole's lipstick with Lewis' tie
every detail counts

Dear Lily Allen,
No, you are not pretty. No, you are not fashionable. No, your new ginger hair colour does not look cool. So please stop this show.

TREND alert:
briefs and see-through dress skirt combination everything in black
Lily Donaldson definitely beats Poppy Delevingne

kind of tried to match with the background but still look stylish - point from me

RiRi really mastered the red carpet this time
but wait! 
tights with open high-heels? is that legal?

Suki Witherspoon what were u thinking when you were choosing this outfit?

ok Wintour as always in her style which I am not a big fan but her daughter could have chosen to wear something more suitable for her boobs

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