Oscar and The Wolf - Princes

And I don't know what you're gonna do
Don't know about me
One, two, three, let's go
So tell me when you want me to
So get around me

So run for the gold
Run for the money
Run for the infinity
We'll never return and be free
'bout every time I come around there's too many little things they know about us
No, I can't play

And I don't wanna be your friend, babe
There's no other way
I'm the one so baby don't pretend
And I don't wanna make it bad so
There's no other way
I don't want you to make me mad

Got my boys in the water
Got my girls spending overtime

Then we fall in the replay
For the night calling
Where princes rule the world
The party ain't jumpin'
But we should get lost before you

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