Maybug - Out to Sea

I remember, 
how it glistens,

I forgave myself, 
and now you,
 to me,
Close enough to feel me,

Breathe when I sleep,

I know I have leaned,

A little heavily,

Now is not the time,

Though soon it will be,
And I’ll like it when,

Your leaning against me,
All alone,
 and out to sea,
Serene like a swan,

The very picture of calm,

Gliding through the water,

You float upon,

Beneath the surface,

Where I don’t see,

A restless struggle,

To keep up the scene,

And yet it seems,

Just so…
A stillness I wish for,

But won’t ever know,

As if I did,

Where is there left to go?
But out to sea,
 and all alone.

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