The Black Keys - Fever

The Black Keys are back! 
And with a brand new album Turn Blue!
And with the new awesome songs to listen again and again!
And with the new videos!
And with the new roles in their own videos!
And enjoy!

Fever, where'd you run to?
Acting right is so routine
Fever, let me live a dream

Fever, I'm a slave to
No one misbehaved too
Fever, they're misunderstood
Wouldn't leave you if I could

Fever cuz I'm breaking
Fever got me aching
Fever, why don't you explain?
Break it down again

Fever got me guilty
Just go ahead and kill me
Fever, why don't you explain?
Break it down again

Fever, can you hear me?
You shook me like I've never been
Now show me how to live again

Ya used to be a blessing
But fever's got me stressing
Realize I have been played
But fever let me play the game

Now if the cold pale light in your eyes
Reaches those horizon lines
You know not to leave her

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