4 things I have learned today about Native Americans

Today I started my lazy bank holiday morning with surfing the net (not new, huh?). I remembered that I always wanted to try to find out whether it's true that beards don't grow to Native Americans. I heard this hypothesis many years ago, but I didn't really tried to check this fact with the help of Yahoo Answers or Wiki Who or any other not scientifically proved website [who cares? everybody still believes what they write :D ]. 
So first stop was the answer which I found in YahooAnswers.com.  Yes, Native Americans are lucky not to have lots of thick facial hair. 

Second stop: 
insame pic of young Native Americans. [If they used to look like that many years ago, when they were free to live in their homelands, I want to live in these times as well! Please... I mean look at them]

I found some kind of comic series named 'Gargoyles' which used to be broadcasted during 1994 till 1996. What it has to do with the Native Americans topic? Well, I found out that one of the main characters Elisa Maza came from a mixed heritage of Native American and African American descent. Which is cool and unusual.

And finally:
an interesting article from http://www.collectorsweekly.com/ about the Native American traditional clothing and patterns which are adapted to the modern fashion. And also mentions Pendleton company which I already knew about because of their fabulous-looking bags.

So the reason I was writing all this was to show that sometimes randomly surfing the net can teach  you so many things just in 5 minutes. Which kind of fascinate me sometimes :)
Have a go you too! 

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