story about fish(man)

Once there was a fisherman. One day he caught a small fish. But it was not because he was good fisherman but because the fish wanted to trick him and got on the hook. So fisherman started to pull the poll and the fish started to suffer. He asked what was wrong but the fish could not tell him because of the pain it felt. Then the fisherman tried to convince the fish to surrender and sacrifice in order to save him from the hunger. 'We all need to put some effort in order to make everybody happy' claimed the fisherman. So the fish felt bad about its previous ideas to run from the man and it started to lose itself. The fisherman was about to take the fish out of the water when suddenly the thought came to the fish - 'But what about me? What about my future plans to visit the ocean? I am just a small fish, I cannot feed the starving men'. It started to move backwards in order to escape from it's destiny - the fisherman's bucket. And so the little fish escaped from the fisherman. Hurt by the hook but free it swam to the unknown waters. 

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