Sampha - Happens

I see you in the dark
'Cause I've been where you are
You're too scared show me love
'Cause you're too fresh with the scars
Well I don't have the answers
So I won't tell you lies
You was there when I was down love
But you gotta live your own life

She said I can't let this happen
No I can't let this happen again
I found my love and I
I don't wanna lose it again
And I
I told you all my secrets lover
No I
I don't want to have to speak to another my dear
And I
I find it hard to fully trust you
And I
I'm staring at this multi-colored cluster of lust and love

And I
I value all that we discover
We set free we set free those emotions left uncovered my dear
An echo
An echo of our time stands before us
Her eyes
Ears and her mouth she looks just like you my dear

No I don't wanna lose you now

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