International Business in the Era of Globalization

Hi guys! I had a very interesting lecture about globalization in world business and I want to share some shocking fact I heard:

  • hot fashion clothes are fabricated in EU  countries (such as Spain, Portugal), here the production is expensive, this way all product can reach shop in a short time. 
  • casual, always-going clothes (like black jeans, white t-shirts) are made in countries where the production is cheap (China, Bangladesh), because there is no rush to sell classic clothes - people buy them despite fashion trends

  • Diet Coke in the USA are the same as Cola-Cola light, because europeans don't like word "diet" , which associates to "loosing weight" to them
  • Although the taste of Cola-Cola in the USA is different to the European

The European Union
  • Different wings for the Eurofighter Typhoon (biggest plane-fighter in EU)  is produced in defferent counties, because of the euporean countries' political agreement, even if the production price of these plains increases. 
  • Special planes are made to transport parts of the Eurofighter. It's called Airbus Beluga.

  • Every McDonald's restaurant has nothing in common with the american McDonald's. For exaple, McDonald's restaurant in the Italy is an italian restaurant! 
  • Any conponent in european Big Mac is from the USA

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